MedCandy offers several branding services depending on our clients’ needs. Here are a few of the custom-fit products we create to strengthen our clients’ brand image:


A logo is more than just the name of a practice or a graphic image; it is a symbol that the practice carries, represents and emanates. It is the core of the practice’s identity as well as its mission. MedCandy understands this and assists in designing a logo that is simple, memorable, and marketable.


Usually associated with the logo or practice name, the tagline is meant to capture the essence of the practice in a nutshell for better customer recall. A well-written tagline sets the desired expectations for potential patients. MedCandy crafts succinct, solid taglines for our clients’ practice.


In marketing campaigns, brochures are one of the easiest and most effective ways to both inform and attract people. MedCandy delivers the right medical brochure layout and design, straddling both the customers’s need for information and the call to action.

Business Cards

MedCandy provides attractive business cards that are more than just paper with names and numbers. We produce designs that are meant to catch potential leads’s attention while staying consistent with the branding of our clients’s medical profession.


Essential in maintaining corporate identity and branding, letterheads display our clients’s professional image in all their documents. MedCandy crafts letterhead designs that are strict and formal, but keep a positive image of the medical practice.


MedCandy offers concept-driven poster design services that are eye-catching, informative and persuasive. We create posters that display the client’s corporate identity as well as facts that support the selling point and call to action.

CD Labels

As important as informational audio or video recordings are, there is an art to making CD labels that people will notice and consider purchasing. MedCandy creates interesting and unique CD label designs that are sure to stand out and pique the interest of potential customers.

Banner Design

A banner ad is very crucial as it is usually the first thing a visitor notices and may hold or lose a customer’s interest in just a blink. MedCandy designs medical banners that keep potential leads’ attention and accurately represent our clients’ practice.

Interactive Flash Banners and Online Environments

Simple, elegant animation almost always draws the attention of visitors; even unobtrusive movements add a little more spice to the website. MedCandy composes persuasive, goal-oriented animated flash banners that reflect our clients’ brand identity. Our online Flash Environments also gives our clients an opportunity to provide an exciting new brand of interactive experience for their customers and patients.

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MedCandy Solutions

Website Features

  • Tell-A-Friend

    Word-of-mouth marketing by your website visitors.
  • Calendar

    Organize activities for patients and clients online.
  • Feedback

    Patients' opinions on the practice.
  • Podcast

    Digital audio recordings to communicate and market the practice.
  • Videocast

    Engaging videos to enhance online visibility.
  • SEO

    Rise to the top of search engine networks.
  • Newsletter

    Vital information for current and potential customers.
  • Downloadable Forms

    Make documents available for download.
  • Q&A

    A tool to answering customers questions.