Please click on the frequently asked questions below to view the answers on this page. If your concern has not been addressed, feel free to contact MedCandy, and we will surely get back to you in a timely manner.

General Questions

Where and how should I get started?
Simply send us a message through MedCandy´s online contact form and we´ll send you an estimated quote for your preferred product or service.

Design Services

Am I able to choose my own colors and content for the designs?
Yes. The design study is a collaborative work between MedCandy and the client. We make sure that the designs being made are aligned to the marketing goals and preferences of the practice or the medical practitioner.
Am I allowed to request for changes in the design?
Yes. MedCandy understands the need to project a sample and visualize results before a coherent/final design study is reached. A maximum number of edits on a design study is set, on the other hand, but this is based on the package you have chosen to avail.
How long will it take before a design is finished?
MedCandy´s turn-around time for design studies is two days. This includes 2 edits each for both the main page and the inside page.

Web Products

What is the difference between a website and a blog?

A website contains all the major information about a practice or of a medical service being offered, as well as contact information, official address and location of the company. The website serves as an area to show practice credentials and educate patients about the practice or medical services. A blog, on the other hand, is a more social tool intended to help build relationships with the readers. Blogs allow patients to comment and interact with the blog writer, as well as draw a community around the practice.

What are the benefits of having a Interactive Medical Website?
Interactive Medical Websites provide a practice or a medical practitioner a platform to highlight professional reputation and achievements, market the specialty, and educate patients. It allows patients to get in touch with the practice or physician online, and streamlines office procedures by providing a virtual management system for website content, leads, appointments, and practice marketing.
What are the benefits of having a medical blog?
A Practice Blog is a powerful tool for building and strengthening relationships with patients and the medical community through online social interaction. It also allows patients to be updated regularly about the practice via subscription to the blog feed.
Who hosts my site?
Our hosting servers are housed in a datacenter facility in Dallas, Texas. These datacenters are supported by 24-hour security, generators, and cooling facilities to ensure maximum and uninterrupted performance of the servers. Redundant power, fire detection systems, and top-of the line 24/7 monitoring systems are in place to ensure continuous and reliable service.
Yes. A perfect web tool is one that has everything in it. MedCandy can assist you in hosting and designing the three main web products it specializes in..
How long will it take before my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore is finished?
A timeline is going to be determined during the onset of the project. No two projects are the same as each is customized to the practice’s needs and dependent on the feedback garnerned as well as the content/number of pages, etc. If all follows the schedule prepared, each product will take at least three weeks before it goes live.
Do I need to be the one to maintain my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
MedCandy offers support services but it is limited to certain areas. You will still be the major player in maintaining your Interactive Medical Website, medical blog and Medical eStore. MedCandy makes sure that you receive the most friendly and easy to manage structure so that having these web products do not become a burden, instead, an exciting experience worth your time to explore.
Do I need to know HTML so I can update my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
While HTML is an added edge, this is not a requirement. MedCandy ascertains that all programming work is finished before the site is turned over to you. If needed, MedCandy is willing to assist you.
Can I use Flash on my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
Yes. MedCandy also offers flash accents, flash designs, etc.
Am I able to know how many people visit my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
Yes. MedCandy’s packages has all the information you need regarding your site’s statistics including the number of people who visited your Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog or Medical eStore.
Can more than one person edit my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
Yes. You can discuss this further with MedCandy during the development stage.
How do I receive the money for the products I sell on my Medical eStore?
Payment gateways are determined prior to site development but the most common is via Paypal.
Do I get an e-mail account?
Yes. MedCandy’s packages already includes the email accounts.

Domain Related Questions

What is a domain name?
A domain name refers to the URL of your website..
Why is a domain name important for my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
A domain name is important because this is the URL you will provide anyone who’s interested in finding out more about your practice. As part of the marketing strategies, your domain name will also appear on your business cards, letterheads and even on your company brochure.
If I already have a domain name registered, can I use it for my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore?
Yes. Feel free to advise MedCandy during the proposal stage .
What does TLD mean?
A top-level domain (TLD) is the highest level of domain names in the root zone of the Domain Name System of the Internet. For all domains in lower levels, it is the label that follows the last dot of a fully qualified domain name. For example, MedCandy.com's TLD is com.
How do I register a domain name?
MedCandy is a one-stop shop for your online needs. We can look up, reserve, purchase, register, and transfer your preferred domain name for you, as long as it´s still available.
Will the personal information I provide when registering a domain name be available publicly?
Yes, it will be available unless you pay a premium registration fee to keep the details private.
How long can I have a domain name? Can I renew my domain name?
Domain registration takes only a few minutes. Domain renewal can be personally handled. MedCandy is willing to help you should you need assistance.
Which extension (.com, .net, .org, others) should I use?
.com domains are very popular and thus, highly reccommended but the other domain extensions have almost the same purpose. In the end, this is going to be a matter of prference..
What does WHOIS mean? How do I lookup domains?
WHOIS pertains to the information associated to your domain. It depicts the validity of the registration by displaying your name, address and DNS/IP details. To lookup domains, you must use a domain provider. WHOIS lookup is offered free by most sites.
What characters are allowed for domain names?
Domain names are alpha-numeric and can include “-” and some simple symbols. We recommend that you choose a domain name that is relatively short, easy to remember, and easy to associate with your practice or service. It should also be easy to dictate, and not easily confused with a different website when read out loud.
Can I buy a domain name that has just expired?
No. Expired domains are not automatically made available by domain providers. You may choose to line-up purchasing the domain but there is no guarantee you can buy the domain right after it expired.
If the domain name I want for my Interactive Medical Website, Practice Blog, or Medical eStore is not available, what do I do?
You will need to choose another domain. MedCandy may give you options/suggestions for domains.

Website Hosting Questions

What is FTP?
FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol. It is used to manage the files your website contains.
Can I use FTP to access my site?
Yes. FTP is one of the most common ways to access the files pertaining to your website. With MedCandy’s interface and framework, on the other hand, you may not need to access the FTP anymore.
Can I add more e-mail accounts to my hosting plan?
Yes. But MedCandy stipulates a maximum space allocated for email accounts.

Lead Generation Questions

What is lead generation?
Lead generation is the most common way to handle site traffic and gather potential clients. MedCandy’s site traffic does not only refer to people visiting your website, it targets a specific sampling of people - likely to be potential clients to visit your website. As a result, the probability of revenue becomes higher.
What will lead generation benefit me?
Lead generation allows targeted site visitors to recognize your website and avail your services.

Purchasing and Payment Questions

How do I know the costs of your products?
MedCandy is transparent with its web packages. Request a quotation now to find out more.
What are my payment options?
MedCandy accepts payment via PayPal, wire transfer, bank deposit, and pickup (only in Metro Manila, Philippines).
Can I pay for the fees annually and will there be a discount? Are there any installment packages?
You can negotiate with MedCandy during the proposal stage.
Can my payments get set up so I can pay them automatically each month/year?
You may need to contact either your credit card company or adjust your PayPal services so that it becomes automatically charged. MedCandy is willing to assist you.
Can I use my e-mail accounts on Outlook or another e-mail program?
Yes. MedCandy is going to assist you in setting up your email account in your email program .

If you have any questions about MedCandy or the website other than those in this FAQ, please feel free to contact our webmaster.

MedCandy Solutions

Website Features

  • Tell-A-Friend

    Word-of-mouth marketing by your website visitors.
  • Calendar

    Organize activities for patients and clients online.
  • Feedback

    Patients' opinions on the practice.
  • Podcast

    Digital audio recordings to communicate and market the practice.
  • Videocast

    Engaging videos to enhance online visibility.
  • SEO

    Rise to the top of search engine networks.
  • Newsletter

    Vital information for current and potential customers.
  • Downloadable Forms

    Make documents available for download.
  • Q&A

    A tool to answering customers questions.