Medical eStores

The key to a successful medical eStore is having the right tools handy at all times.

Tidy, organized merchandise

Online stores’ products should be neatly sorted so that a needed item can be found easily. MedCandy features different ways to categorize products in our medical eStore.
  • Display items per category: by manufacturer, supplier, attributes, and features
  • Create, edit, and delete categories
  • Send a product list to a friend

Various payment options

With MedCandy, patients are able to choose the payment method he or she prefers. Our clients can process payments through bank wire, cash on delivery, cheque, and Paypal, and add or delete payment methods at their convenience.

Paid advertisements

MedCandy gives clients the option of posting ads at their medical eStores. Advertisements placed strategically at a medical eStore can generate extra revenue for the existing practice. These ads invite patients to click and explore, bringing our clients income whenever a successful purchase of the advertised product is made.

The very first thing patients see when they visit a MedCandy eStore are products prominently displayed at the homepage. Our clients have the option to pick the products they wish to feature and edit text on the homepage so it effectively serves an advertisement for bestselling products.

Fully customizable content

MedCandy offers tools to fully customize our clients’ medical eStores so that they are able to add as much or as little detail as they want. The following features can be added to the site:

  • Advertising
  • Top-selling items
  • Patient’s shopping cart
  • Product categories
  • Adding or selecting a currency
  • Miscellaneous links
  • Language option
  • Brands/manufacturers
  • Patient user account
  • Newly added products
  • Payment logo
  • Permanent links
  • RSS feed
  • Quick search
  • Product specials
  • Suppliers
  • Tags
  • User or customer information
  • Last-viewed products

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MedCandy Solutions

Website Features

  • Tell-A-Friend

    Word-of-mouth marketing by your website visitors.
  • Calendar

    Organize activities for patients and clients online.
  • Feedback

    Patients' opinions on the practice.
  • Podcast

    Digital audio recordings to communicate and market the practice.
  • Videocast

    Engaging videos to enhance online visibility.
  • SEO

    Rise to the top of search engine networks.
  • Newsletter

    Vital information for current and potential customers.
  • Downloadable Forms

    Make documents available for download.
  • Q&A

    A tool to answering customers questions.