Medical Website Development

A website creates and maintains the medical practitioner’s brand identity and online reputation, giving patients a sneak peek of services offered, achievements gained, and how to get in touch with the practice. It makes the practice more visible and accessible to a wider online audience, and offers information that a patient might need before scheduling for a consultation.

MedCandy’s website utilizes several handy tools to help clients manage their websites:

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MedCandy Solutions

Website Features

  • Tell-A-Friend

    Word-of-mouth marketing by your website visitors.
  • Calendar

    Organize activities for patients and clients online.
  • Feedback

    Patients' opinions on the practice.
  • Podcast

    Digital audio recordings to communicate and market the practice.
  • Videocast

    Engaging videos to enhance online visibility.
  • SEO

    Rise to the top of search engine networks.
  • Newsletter

    Vital information for current and potential customers.
  • Downloadable Forms

    Make documents available for download.
  • Q&A

    A tool to answering customers questions.