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  • Medical Website DevelopmentMedical Website Development

    A striking website is both the medium and the message. The single most important thing it should do is to drive the audience to action with its message. MedCandy collaborates with its client on Medical Websites' intent, appearance, content and call to action, and executes this design accordingly.

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    Specialized Web SolutionsSpecialized Web Solutions

    MedCandy's Medical Practice Blogs and Medical eStores add a whole new dimension to the practice by bringing in a more dynamic and interactive aspect into the patient-physician or customer-retailer relationship. Medical Blogs contribute a more patient-accessible, informational side to the practice, while Medical eStores build and organize the business.

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    Social MediaSocial Media

    With MedCandy building the practice's online communities, social networks, and developing fresh, engaging content, interacting and communicating with the audience is a breeze. Social Media boosts website visibility through word-of-mouth and  referrals among community members, building trust and establishing thought leadership. Whether the audience is in the Philippines or abroad, social media helps engage and build relationships with potential clients.

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    Marketing SolutionsMarketing Solutions

    MedCandy offers Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click campaign services to clients who wish to increase traffic in their websites. MedCandy not only incorporates organic SEO into medical websites we design for clients, but also keeps up to date with developments in popular search ranking algorithms, ensuring that our websites attract visitors looking up our clients’ services in search listings.

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    Auxillary SolutionsAuxiliary Solutions

    Creating an outstanding, attractive website is futile without investing in a dependable, reliable hosting system and consistent, regular updates. By hosting its own designs, MedCandy ensures that all our clients’ websites are kept secure and maintained under meticulous standards, regularly backing up data on all our servers.

    MedCandy offers clients the full spectrum of web services beginning with Domain Name Registration up to Web Hosting and Maintenance.

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    MedCandy translates our clients’ company profile and preferences into a clear, marketable visual image that is consistent with the practice’s standards.  We consolidate these into a creative, concept-driven and ultimately functional brand that will maintain a coherent impression over potential and future clients.

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MedCandy Solutions

Website Features

  • Tell-A-Friend

    Word-of-mouth marketing by your website visitors.
  • Calendar

    Organize activities for patients and clients online.
  • Feedback

    Patients' opinions on the practice.
  • Podcast

    Digital audio recordings to communicate and market the practice.
  • Videocast

    Engaging videos to enhance online visibility.
  • SEO

    Rise to the top of search engine networks.
  • Newsletter

    Vital information for current and potential customers.
  • Downloadable Forms

    Make documents available for download.
  • Q&A

    A tool to answering customers questions.